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Working With Home &
Business Owners

Reduce the Cost of Energy Efficient Upgrades
Identify Potential Savings on Your Energy Bills

Provide Expert Advice

Recommend Trusted Installers

Energy-efficient equipment upgrades reduce operating costs and we can help reduce the cost of the upgrades! 

We help all kinds of businesses, of all sizes, right across NSW save on energy-efficient upgrades and installations every year by accessing the financial incentives offered by the NSW Government for home and business owners looking to upgrade their lighting, install air conditioners new or replacing.

Changing to energy-efficient equipment can significantly lower your energy usage which means that you’ll reduce your energy bill long term, but you’ll also be doing your part to help the environment.


For example: if you change 50 halogen downlights to LED downlights, you can save up to $2300 a year.  Upgrading to long-lasting LEDs also cut maintenance costs as they reduce the amount of time spent switching over globes as well as other follow-on expenses such as labor and time.  

How we can help

At Fraztec we can help you identify potential savings on energy usage and help you access financial incentives offered by the NSW Government to reduce the cost of energy-efficient upgrades!  

Identifying Potential Savings

If you're not sure if (or how much) you can save, we're happy to do a free assessment on your energy bill to identify any potential savings. 


If you decide to upgrade or install (or if you already have an upgrade in mind),  we'll grab a few details then tell you if your project qualifies for the NSW Energy Savings Scheme.  If it does, we'll give you a quote on the returns you can get.  If you go ahead, we'll work with you and your installer to guide you through the paperwork, manage all the evidence gathering and take care of all the hard bits to make your project compliant with the Scheme rules.

Not sure what equipment you need?
We'll provide you with expert advice and we'll find the right product for you at the best price. We are constantly researching and identifying the best and latest products on the market to meet your needs. 

We work with a range of industry-leading suppliers to provide you with the added security that your energy-efficient upgrade is using quality products backed by established companies.  This variety of suppliers means we can find the custom solution that's right for you and your business. 

Need an electrician?

Your lighting upgrade must be completed by a licensed electrician.  If you already have an electrician, we'll help guide them through the process. If you don't have an electrician, we can recommend one from our network.

Contact us today to discuss your energy saving needs

We can help you save hundreds of dollars a year!

Don't take our word for it, hear from previous clients:
Kelvin Solari.jpg

I only looked at the lights you installed for the first time late last week (as I had not had the chance to previously).
Am most impressed and it’s great to finally have lights that provide fantastic lighting throughout the rooms, including the bathroom.
Again many thanks and shall be recommending you to everyone I can.
Kelvin Solari

107 Cronulla Street, Cronulla NSW 2230 | DX 21111 Cronulla
Tel: 02 9523 1870 | Fax: 02 9523 0402 | Mob: 0408 619 62

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