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Mountain Ridge


Core Competencies
LED Lighting Experts

Fraztec Lighting is made up of a team of expert LED lighting specialists. We only work with leading electrical wholesalers who are in turn supported by Australian-based LED suppliers.  This provides peace of mind to our team and their clients that their projects are backed (and warranted) by our network of electrical wholesalers.

Our team has over 50 years experience in the lighting industry and have been at the forefront of the introduction of LED into the Australian Market. There is nothing we do not know about energy efficient lighting.

Energy Saving Scheme Creation Experts

Fraztec has been involved in the management of hundreds of Energy Saving Certificate (ESC) projects across NSW over the past 7+ years. We do this by providing expert advice and support to gather the evidence needed to create ESC which is then provided to the end user as a discount/rebate. Our mantra is “we make it easy”.


Our expertise has assisted a vast range of businesses across a vast range of sectors, industries, sizes and geographical areas.  Our services are utilised by a network of major LED suppliers, as well as leading electrical wholesalers.  Here are two examples of our projects:

UGL Broadmeadow

Fraztec managed two lighting upgrades on behalf of UGL Limited (Broadmeadow and Hamilton North sites). Both projects involved the full range of our services including on-site reviews to determine the level of lighting required by UGL (and reviewed against the relevant Australian Lighting standards), product supply, supervision of the installation and management of the creation of the ESC as part of the upgrade.


Fraztec was brought into this project to assist the ABB management team and their electrical engineers to review the proposed lighting to ensure they met the project requirements before the project was approved to proceed.  Our involvement provided an additional level of confidence and ensured that the desired outcome and recommended lighting levels were achieved.  Fraztec worked closely with ABB's preferred electrical installer and managed the project's participation in a government incentive scheme and the creation of 6,000 ESC which resulted in significant savings on the upgrade.

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