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We Make Accessing NSW Energy Efficiency Incentives


How does it work?

Energy Savings Scheme

The NSW Energy Savings Scheme incentivizes businesses and households to reduce their energy consumption by creating energy savings certificates when they undertake energy-saving projects. These certificates provide a financial incentive for implementing energy-efficient measures. This scheme effectively rewards and encourages the adoption of energy-efficient practices across New South Wales.

Peak Demand Reduction Scheme

The Peak Demand Reduction certificate Scheme (for Fraztec Air Conditioning activities only) aims to incentivize businesses and households to reduce their electricity usage during periods of high demand. Participants achieve this by implementing measures that decrease their electricity consumption during peak times. The scheme rewards these efforts by issuing peak demand reduction certificates, which can be sold to electricity retailers or other market participants, providing a financial incentive for reducing peak electricity demand.

How does Fraztec make it work for you?

We help you access the financial benefits of the NSW Schemes by taking out the grunt work and confusing compliance requirements so you can get the job done and reap the benefits of contributing to a more energy efficient future.

We can help you connect to an installer that is registered under the scheme

We can help installers be their own boss and choose the right product to generate the most certificates/incentives

Support wholesalers promote energy efficient products that fit the scheme eligibility list

And most importantly help you generate certificates to receive incentives

Customers across NSW upgrade and grow their businesses with Fraztec

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Read our FAQs to help you understand the Energy Saving Schemes and how you can receive government incentives. Or reach out and send us a message with your queries below in the Contact Us box.

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