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Our path to success

We are a Newcastle-based company that has proudly offered expertise in energy-efficient lighting equipment upgrades and solutions to businesses across NSW for over a decade. Our commitment lies in our dedication to helping businesses save on energy-efficient equipment upgrades by utilizing the financial benefits of the NSW Energy Savings Scheme. With a focus on inclusivity, we strive to work with businesses across all sectors and regions in NSW, including those in country and remote areas, showcasing our genuine commitment to accessibility.

Our mission at Fraztec goes beyond business success; it encompasses our responsibility as Australians to protect and reduce the negative impact on the environment. We believe in encouraging everyone to join us in this responsibility, fostering a collective effort to create a greener planet. We genuinely believe that by working together, we can make a meaningful difference in preserving our environment for all.

Working in Cafe

Our Values

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Problem Solvers

We are problem solvers; innovative, adaptable, resourceful, and empathetic, with an emphasis on our commitment to fostering original thinking, flexibility, inventive problem-solving approaches, and understanding the needs of others to deliver effective and empathetic solutions.



We aim to welcome everyone who wants to take part, make it easy, and support each other to improve together. This means giving people the tools they need to easily join and benefit from complex processes, so that everyone has an equal chance to succeed.


High Quality

Our commitment to quality is reflected in our unwavering dedication to precision, consistency, excellence, reliability, and customer focus, ensuring that we consistently deliver high standards and exceed expectations.



"Unite" embodies our commitment to inclusivity by collaborating with businesses in various sectors and regions in NSW, including those in rural and remote areas, to ensure accessibility.  Integrating local installers with government schemes, emphasizing Fraztec's genuine commitment to unity and accessibility.


A message from the Pioneer herself

"Over a decade ago, I embarked on a personal mission to lead a career dedicated to making a positive impact on our environment. Leaving a major corporation behind, I set out to champion a cause close to my heart – reducing our carbon footprint.


As energy-efficient lighting took center stage and the NSW government extended incentives for transitioning to LED, I saw an opportunity to create a company that not only saves businesses money through energy-efficient lighting but also empowers them to benefit from government support, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes and locations.

Our commitment remains unwavering as we seek out opportunities across NSW, with a special focus on regional areas, where we can lead the charge in helping businesses save on energy costs, shrink their carbon footprint, and seize the benefits of government incentives."

- Debbie Frazer

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