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We strive to reduce the community’s carbon footprint for the sake of our planet and our children's children.


Within our business we are guided and committed to the following principles:-


  • Integrity – to be true and honest at all times

  • Strong Leadership – lead by example

  • Transparency – hide nothing

  • Continuous Improvement and Best Practice – always seek new and better ways to conduct our business with a special focus on reducing energy, carbon emissions and packaging whilst increasing recycling

  • Sustainable Work Practices – reduce, reuse and recycle.


Our Ability and Duty to Act

We believe that we have the power to make a positive human impact on the diverse people in our world.


Our attention to environmental, social and economic responsibility includes working within the law and voluntarily exceeding legal requirements in order to be innovative and demonstrate leadership on the issues that are important to us (and our family).  As we design experiences, execute events and evaluate our successes we are able to choose every day in the big and small ways our actions and words build a better more sustainable world for us, clients, suppliers and our family.



  • We commit to assisting businesses and home owners reduce their carbon footprint by at least 20,000 tons of carbon in 2020/21 per year and increase this to 30,000 tones per year by  2021/22.

  • Reduce packaging by 10%

  • Promote, educate and assist our clients to reduce, reuse & recycle.

  • Streamline and maximise our supply chain (logistics) to minimise the movement of product from manufacture to end user.

  • Work with local community groups and Not for Profit organisations in the education of energy saving initiatives.

  • Work towards achieving the principles of ISO1401 and ISO9001 by 2022.


Achievements to date

  • A signatory to the Fluoro Cycle Scheme since 2015 (

  • Donated over 3000 trees to a tree planting program in Newcastle

  • Use low-energy lighting solutions in the office to minimise energy usage

  • Recycle all lamps and product from upgrades at the appropriate recycling centres

  • Making the switch to digital forms to reduce the amount of paper used in the business

  • Flexible working arrangements to reduce travel requirements for employees, which improves employee welfare and reduces our carbon footprint.

  • To date have assisted businesses to reduce carbon by over 50,000 tonnes.


Podium on Grass

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