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Working with Electricians

We make it easy to:
Give You a Competitive Edge
Reduce the Cost of Upgrades


Reducing the cost of energy-efficient upgrades helps you create more opportunities and gives you a competitive edge!  

We make it easy to reduce the cost of upgrades by helping you access the financial benefits of the NSW Energy Savings Scheme, here's how:

First, we'll grab a few details then tell you if your project qualifies.  If it does, we'll give you a quote on the returns it can generate.  If you go ahead, we'll guide you through the paperwork, manage all the evidence gathering and take care of all the hard bits like floor plans, lamp recycling and compliance with the Scheme rules.

When the upgrade is finished, the scheme creates tradeable Energy Savings Certificates (ESC) for each MWh an energy efficient upgrade project saves.  The business transfers the certificates (ESC) to us and we pay out the quoted value for the certificates.


We give you the confidence to get on with your day to day work knowing that Fraztec has the rest of the process in hand.  We have your back!

We know that every business and every project is different.  We're extremely flexible so we can work with you in a way that suits both your business and the project - but whatever you decide, we'll guide and support you ever step of the way.

We lock in the pricing on the returns as soon as you confirm the project is to proceed so you don't have to worry about extra hidden costs.

This gives you the peace of mind to provide a reduced quote to your client. 

And, as soon as you've been paid by the client and provided us with the key documents, we'll pay you the returns.

Have Questions or Ready to get started? Contact us today!

Want to know more about the NSW Energy Savings Scheme?
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