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Work with Frestar Electrical 

How Frestar Electrical can help you save

The team at Frestar Electrical help you choose the best commercial lighting for upgrading that are accepted energy efficient products from the Government Energy Savings Scheme. 

How does this scheme work for a customer?

By participating in the NSW Energy Savings Scheme, Energy Saver customers can benefit from financial incentives and contribute to reducing energy consumption in NSW.

  1. Financial Incentives:

    • Fraztec helps approve energy saving activities such as commercial lighting to create tradeable certificates, known as energy savings certificates (ESCs)

    • Fraztec works with Frestar Electrical to exchange a discount on the cost of the energy savings upgrade.

  2. Creation and Purchase of ESCs:

    • ACPs create and register ESCs for supported energy savings, which are then purchased by electricity retailers to meet their annual energy savings targets

  3. Reduction of Electricity Demand:

    • Using more energy-efficient equipment can lower electricity demand, thereby reducing electricity prices for all households and businesses in NSW

  4. Energy Savings Targets:

    • The scheme has set ambitious energy savings targets, aiming for a 9.5% target in 2023, increasing to 13% by 2030

    • Fraztec can contribute to reducing emissions by participating in the scheme and help NSW achieve its goal of net zero emissions by 2050 2.

  5. Legislation and Compliance:

    • Fraztec must adhere to the legislation governing the scheme and comply with the ESS Rule, which is updated annually

If you want to find out more, follow the link below to the NSW ESS site.

Screenshot 2024-02-27 115242.png

What's Next?

In order for Frestar Electrical to help you on your mission towards energy efficiency. They will need to collect the following information to:

               Energy Bill 

               Determine what Energy Efficiency scheme you                       best fit under and;

              Email Address

              To send you all relevant documentation for job                         compliance

Ready to get started?

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