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Product Eligibility

Key Points


  • Potential eligible Air Conditioners are listed in the GEMS register

  • Not all GEMS registered Air Conditioners will be eligible to create certificates.  There are other factors at play to determine eligibility. These include:-

    • Postcode - Zones - Cold, Average and Hot .

    • Baseline AEER and ACOP

    • Accepted standards ie. Determination 2019 up to 65kW


  • HEER (residential and Small business)  projects typically offer a greater return than IHEAB (business)

  • Air Conditioners who can generate certificates under the IHEAB (commercial) may not be able to generate Certificates under HEER. And visa versa

  • In order to submit your job provide an excel spreadsheet of the Model IDs in the GEMS registry that are listed on the job nomination form. This will pass as your Product Eligibility evidence.

To view the current eligible products for a particular postcode and their certificate prices request a Product & Prices List. Please note that the certificate return price will fluctuate each month. You must have submitted your project prior to the end of that month to avail the agreed ESC & PRC return.

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