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Energy Bill

Energy bills are required for the NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) small business (under 100MW/year) jobs and the Peak Demand Reduction Scheme (PDRS) rule for additional certificate incentives. The following information needs to be extracted from the energy bill to determine scheme eligibility:

Energy Usage

  • The energy bill is essential for determining total energy consumption for the implementation site, which are crucial for calculating which scheme the job fits under.

  • If under 100mWh per year then it is deemed a small business or residential (HEER scheme)

  • If over 100mWh per year then it is deemed commercial (IHEAB scheme)

  • We can assess this from the Energy Bill from that site

  • Refer to our Energy Bill Calculator to help you determine the job scheme

Time Period

  • We need at least 1 month of energy usage on the bill to assess the projected energy usage. 

  • We may ask for a longer time period if the usage is close to the upper energy usage range.

New Build

  • To be eligible for the PDRS scheme we need to prove that the site is connected to the grid. Since there will not be an energy bill yet you can provide a photo of the electricity box in front of the site or power lines connected to the site.

  • To be eligible for the ESS HEER scheme you need to be under the energy usage threshold (under 100mWh/year). Therefore a job will be on hold until an energy bill can be provided.

Site Address

  • The site address must match that which is on the nomination form for that job

  • The site can not be a part of a larger aggregated bill.

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