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Site Eligibility

  • Potential eligible HVAC systems are listed in the GEMS register

  • Not all GEMS registered HVAC will be eligible to create Certifcates.  There are other factors in play to determine eligibility. These include:-

    • Zones - Cold, Average and Hot .

    • Baseline AEER and ACOP


  • HEER projects typically offer a greater return than IHEAB

  • Some HVAC will be able to generate certificates under IHEAB and not HEER and visa versa

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Ineligible Activities

The ESS is designed to promote additional energy savings activities that would not otherwise have occurred. As such, a range of specific activities are not eligible for the creation of ESCs, including:

  • an activity undertaken in order to comply with a mandatory, statutory or regulatory requirement, including BASIX or the Building Code of Australia requirements except for alterations, enlargements or extensions of a BASIX affected development

  • a reduction in energy consumption by reducing production, service or safety levels

  • an activity that reduces gas or biogas consumption by flaring gas or biogas instead

  • a fuel switching activity that results in a net increase in greenhouse gas emissions

  • an activity that reduces consumption of an eligible fuel by increasing consumption of non- renewable fuels (other than electricity) to provide equivalent goods or services.h

 New builds

YOU can claim certificates for new builds AS LONG as the new AC has a higher star rating than what is listed in the BASIX report

BASIX Certificate Requirements


To ensure compliance, NCBA simply needs to be provided with a copy of the BASIX Certificate/Report for the works that specifies the assumed efficiency of the Air Conditioning unit. If the proposed unit is equivalent or exceeds this threshold (in the example below, an EER higher than 2.5), it is eligible for ESC creation.


So, if you have an opportunity to quote/install please be assured that as long as the installed units are equal to or greater than the assumed efficiency of the AC unit then we can process it for you.

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