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Nomination form / Receival Evidence

The nomination form must:

  • clearly identify the activities for which the nomination applies

  • clearly identify the equipment model id, quantity, new or replacing for which the nomination applies

  • be completed and signed by the original energy saver on or before the implementation/installation date.

Legal document

The nomination form is the legal document that enables Fraztec and its associated ACPs to create ESC and PRC on behalf of the Client (End-User)

Legal power

The signee must have legal power to sign on behalf of the Original energy Saver.  Eg a Real estate agent can sign on behalf of a Land owner or tenant. However, there needs to be an email agreeing that it has been authorized by the Original Energy Saver that someone is able to sign on their behalf.

Client Receival Evidence

The signee must be provided with a signed copy. As part of the evidence documents the installer must supply Fraztec with a confirmation email between the installer and Energy Saver receiving the signed Nomination Form.

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