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Submit your Job

How To:

1. Review and Verify Documents

  • Review your documents and cross-check them against the Evidence Checklist to ensure accuracy and compliance.

  • This is necessary for us to create certificates for you.

2. File Naming and Order

  • Ensure that the file names match the names used in the evidence checklist to facilitate the document flow for our Auditors.

  • Correct labeling is crucial for the efficient processing of your documents. If not labeled correctly, we will need to return the documents to you.

3. Job Folder

  • Put all evidence into a folder.

  • Name the folder using the format: Installer Name_Client/Energy Saver Name (e.g., BobSmith_JerryKane).

4. Submission

  • Click the Submit button below and upload your Job folder.

  • Our team will be in contact with you shortly after the submission.

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