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Wholesaler Rebate Program

Want to get rewarded for spreading the word about the NSW Energy Savings Scheme?

We can help!

You provide the quality LED products

Wholesaler Rebates for each ESC created for lighting upgrade
We provide NSW Energy Savings Scheme Expertise

We guide you, the installer and the client through each step of the process

The Fraztec Wholesaler Rebate Program is our way of saying thank you for working with us to provide your electricians and business customers easy access to the NSW Energy Savings Scheme.  We reward you with a rebate for each Energy Savings Certificate generated by a completed project you refer to us.

Your role couldn't be simpler!

Mention to your commercial lighting upgrade customers that incentives are available through the NSW Energy Savings Scheme.  If your customer is interested, contact us with the project details and we'll do a quote for the incentives that are available.  If the customer is happy to proceed, you provide the quality LED products and we do the rest!  

We guide the installers and customers every step of the way through the NSW Energy Savings Scheme and once the project is complete, your branch will earn a cash rebate for each Energy Savings Certificate the project generates.

Our role is to make it easy!

Your branch staff don't need to have any expertise in the program, all they need to know is that the incentives are available.  Having said that, we are happy to provide some staff training on the scheme and our process if you are interested.  We can also assist with providing promotional materials if you would like to do and in-store or digital promo.

Our friendly, expert staff are happy to work with you or the installer or the business - whatever suits your branch or the project.  

Basically, you can be as involved or as removed from the project as you like - however you want to manage it, we make it easy!

Interested in joining our Wholesaler Rebate Program? Get in contact today!
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