Cyanosis LED Tubes - When only the best will do!

In conjunction with one of our key suppliers we are developing a range of Cyanosis LED tubes that provide far more effective and energy efficient illumination of clinical observation areas.

We set about developing a TRUE White LED that meets the COI requirements. The engineering brief was simple: all white LEDs, a high efficiency (lm/W) and at a price that would make substitution of the old fluorescent tubes commercially viable.

The "COI optimised" SMD chips have been engineers with a suitable spectral output to achieve the CRI and COI specifications. The below diagram shows the considerable difference between the light output of the new Cyanosis LED COI chips compared to standard 4000k white LEDs of identical 4000k colour temperature.

For initial testing 96 pcs of the new SMD chips were used in a 4 foot tube.  The drive current was set to achieve nominal 18w (total) and resulted in over 2100 lumens - this is over 115 Lumens per watt, and an outstanding performance from the specialised products.

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