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Highbays: What to ask

Choosing the right energy efficient highbays for your business
Step One – Questions to ask before engaging lighting suppliers


  • How much power are my current inefficient Highbays using?

  • What lighting levels do I need?

    • As the business owner/manager, you are responsible for ensuring enough lighting within the workplace.

    • Do I have WHS checks in place to ensure compliance with the required lighting level?

  • What are the Australian lighting standards for my type of business?

  • Do I need Low Glare lighting?

  • How high are my ceilings?

  • How far apart are my current lights?

  • What beam angle will provide the best spread of light?

  • Do I need a narrow beam for aisles, or an even spread across the area?

  • Do I need to relocate any of my lights and change the type of lighting as part of my upgrade?

  • What Colour Temperature to choose?

  • What type of warranty do I want/need?

  • What are my potential maintenance savings?

  • What other energy savings can I achieve?

  • Should I consider installing Dimmers, Daylight or Motion sensors?

  • Can I claim a Government Rebate?


Once you have answered these questions, you have the basic information to make your decision.


Step Two – Which LED Highbay best suits my needs?


  • Is it a High powered LED Highbay?

  • A high powered 135w LED Highbay with up to 160Lm/w which is equal to a 400w Metal Halide.

  • Or a low Glare Induction Highbay? Great for showrooms.

  • Or high output LED Highbay that is dimmable and can come with Motion sensors and/or daylight sensors?


Step Three – Watch our video and call us for more free helpful advice

Ready to get started? Call us today on 0423 333 058 to see how easy it is!

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