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Financing Your Energy Efficient Upgrade

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Financing Your Project

"Undertaking energy efficient upgrades or installing renewable energy makes good business sense and helps offset rising electricity and gas prices".

There are some great independent resources now available from the Office of Environment & Heritage assist businesses in making the right financial choice. 

Available is the Energy Efficiency and Renewables Finance Guide which will help you understand the different financial options available as well as providing step-by-step guidance in selecting the best finance for your business.  Worth a read.

External Funding

Want to look at funding your lighting upgrade project externally?

Vying for CAPEX funding sometimes seems to hard, but there are a myriad of financing options now available for energy efficiency projects (including lighting upgrades).  Businesses can now obtain financing for projects worth $10,000 and upward.


The following is an extract from the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Finance Guide" page 29 which provides a quick overview of the various Finance options and their assumptions.  

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