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Photos are one of the most important sources of evidence. They must clearly identify the model id of all Air Conditioning units new and old (if replacing) mentioned on the Nomination Form. They must be date-stamped and include geotag data showing the exact location of where the photo was taken. All required photos are to be submitted with your job in My Jobs

Photos requirements

Pre Photos

For new installs:- Photo of wall location of new equipment (inside and outside)

For Replacement - Photos of old equipment in place and model ID (inside and outside units)

Post Photo

Photo of new equipment installed (inside and outside)

Photo of new equipment model id sticker (inside and outside)

Location Photos

Photo of the front of the implementation site, This will be used to match with google maps.

Installer Photos

Photo of installer selfie in front of new installed equipment. This is to ensure the installer that has been contracted and provided their drivers license to work with Fraztec matches the photos of the installed equipment for that job.

Refrigerant Disposal Photos


Photo of dissembled old AC unit (power removed)

Photo of the gas bottle ensure serial number is legible

Photo of disposal receipt with matching serial number, ensure this is also legible

If there is no gas in the bottle fill out a No Gas Statement Form (found in the Documents tab) and upload when submitting job.

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